NAPSA’s Accreditation program provides Pretrial Agencies the opportunity to ensure that the pretrial release standards are being implemented in programs to their fullest extent. It is not just achieving accreditation that is the ultimate goal, but also maintaining accreditation that attest to the agency striving for excellence through application of these standards and best practices throughout its operation. Benefits of accreditation include improved staff training and development, assessment of strengths or weaknesses, defense against outside interests, establishment of measurable criteria for upgrading operations and performance based benefits.

The benefits to a pretrial program and to NAPSA are far reaching. Achieving Accreditation:

  • Produces performance-based benefits that provide valuable data.
  • Indicates certain professionalism to staff, other agencies, and funders.
  • Serves as a defense against outside interests (e.g. bail-bond industry).
  • Improves staff morale through participation, and highlights professionalism.
  • Ensures staff training and development.
  • Provides opportunity to assess program strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establishes measurable criteria for addressing environmental issues.
  • Benefits both staff and defendants.
  • Creates a more constructive environment
  • Demonstrates a national pretrial credential and recognition.


Questions regarding NAPSA’s Accreditation Program should be addressed to Shawn LaGrega, Accreditation Committee Chair, at [email protected]